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The Advantage transforms the Kensai into a 3-way 'Hybrid Active' floorstander, removing the need for power amps and enhancing every aspect of the sound.

The result is:
• Improved level capability and dynamics
• Cleaner, more involving sound throughout the range
• Bass is deeper, quicker and more powerful
• Power amps on-board; connects directly to pre-amp
• Adjustable bass level

Hybrid Active is a term to describe the unusual crossover topology of the Kensai + Advantage. Inside the Advantage is an active crossover and two linear amplifiers, one for the Kensai and one for the Advantage, 180watts total. The Kensai retains its passive crossover between the mid-woofer and tweeter, while active circuitry perfectly integrates the Kensai with the Advantage.

This mixture of crossover design enables the Kensai to be used independently, while offering all the benefits of active speakers when used with the Advantage. The lower crossover between Kensai and Advantage is 120Hz, lower than most 3-way systems, thus maintaining the coherence for which the Kensai is highly regarded.

The Advantage is a sealed design, which is uncommon for a bass speaker. The result is bass with less time delay than a ported speaker. Music therefore has great timing and pace.

Sealed enclosures typically have less extended bass, yet this is not true of the Advantage. Using active filter design and powerful directly connected amps, the Advantage has impressive driver control and reaches deep. See Bass Response

Force-Cancelled Woofers eliminate the primary source of cabinet resonance. BBC research establishes cabinet vibrations as a significant source of colouration, and the Advantage tackles this at the source. Twin woofers are fixed back-to-back, so that force from each woofer that would normally enter the cabinet is feed to the opposing driver. In this way, vibration is cancelled by the equal and opposite force of each driver. Think of it like a tug-of-war with two perfectly matched teams; they don't move an inch.

Attention to detail doesn't stop there. Once low frequency cabinet resonance is solved, the next source to consider is the midrange. In a single cabinet design, large panels provide an effective pathway to the air, not just for bass vibrations but midrange as well. The Kensai and Advantage are separated by isolation mounts tuned to a frequency below that of the Kensai. The pathway for vibrations is thus broken, and you just hear music, not speaker cabinets!

Why 'The Advantage'?

• The Kensai can focus effortlessly on mid & treble
• No need for power-amps
• Extended bass and dynamic range
• Sealed enclosure for good pace and rhythm
• Elimination of cabinet vibration