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Bespoke Supertweeters

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The AudioSmile Supertweeter is a bespoke product engineered to perfectly match the acoustical characteristics of the main speaker system.

The goal of these supertweeters is to fill out high frequency energy in the room, giving a more open and live sound. Technically, they produce a more even and extended power response.

AudioSmile will research your main speakers and design the supertweeters filter to work in just the right way. Integration is thus unmatched by an off-the-shelf product. They use isoplanar ribbon technology. With wide dispersion, extension to 40KHz, distortion around 0.6% and a decay rate of ~0.35ms, these supertweeters offer first class clarity and definition. The body of the supertweeter is covered with high quality leatherette.

Why does my system need it? -
AudioSmile's design ethos for supertweeters is not the same as most other brands. The influence for building supertweeters has come from extensive work with room acoustics.

When listening to a speaker in a room, we hear a combination of sound coming directly from the speaker, and sound from room reflections. However, speakers do not radiate the same sound in all directions; lower frequencies have a wide dispersion pattern and very high frequencies are more like a direct beam of sound from the tweeter axis. The result of this phenomenon is actually less total energy (called the power response) in the room at high frequencies than low. Our ears interpret a power response like this as soundning dull and less spacious than ideal, even though the on-axis direct sound from the speaker might be nice and extended.

AudioSmile supertweeters are designed to help correct this. The supertweeters filter is custom designed to add high frequency sound exactly where the main speakers dispersion narrows. When the supertweeter is angled off-axis from the main speaker, the high frequency energy in the room is filled out, while still keeping a reasonably smooth response on the main speaker axis. The customer can adjust positioning to fine-tune the sound to personal taste.

The result of using AudioSmile supertweeters is clear for anyone to hear; improved spaciousness and a more open, live sound. The majority of speakers will show improvement from use with AudioSmile supertweeters, from those using a 1" dome tweeter to single driver systems and electrostatics.


Leatherette covered body
Custom designed filters
Extension to 40KHz
Distortion ~0.6% (96dB 0.5m)
Size - 10.5cm x 13.5cm x 8cm (WHD)